Hey, i wanna talk about the lessons we can learn from the previous story…Truth is there are many, but there’s just one that i wanna bring out.

The story was about the lawyer that didn’t defend his client throughout the trial but at the end he came through with his master plan…Tell everybody that the girl is gonna walk in…make them have a reasonable doubt…now they can’t charge him..BRILLIANT! The only problem was that there was a 20 year old girl in the jury that caught on. She was looking at the expression of the accused to see if he believes in the plan the lawyer was laying out for him or was he just playing along to get of innocent.

Its amazing how people can tell you how special you are and how great you are. We can have great lawyers setting up great cases for us, but if you don’t believe it, it’s not gonna come through. Sometimes  people can see in you strength that you don’t see in yourself, they even believe that you can get through the tests, but if you don’t realize and believe it yourself your guilty.

In the book Tzidkas Hatzadik it says,  part of the commandment  of Emuna (complete faith in god) is to believe in yourself too!  Part of believing in a king  is that he has a nation! We have to believe that were an a slave to the greatest master! The more we believe in our selves the stronger our faith in god is. Its a commandment! And it’s part to the commandment of believing in god.

A person was created with free will meaning he was created to be self motivated! Of course he needs the right education and the right influences, but the end result is it’s up to him to internalize everything everybody is trying put into him just like the lawyer! And in the end all faults and credits are his because it was his decision.

The Jews by the “splitting of the sea were trapped on both sides. They were praying but god said stop praying jump right into the water! God didn’t want hear from them that they believed, he wanted them to show themselves that they believed! God wanted them to do an action that would prove themselves as “believers” because only through that you can have a “splitting of the sea”

Growing up in this generation  is very difficult for the kids growing up, and much more for the parents of the kids growing up. Its the parents job to always trust their child and believe in them that’s what’s gonna give them courage to believe in themselves to get through all the hardships of our generation. I know its hard kids never show their appreciation for your trust, but i promise you that they do think about it!

I remember one specific incident where my dad surprised me and  took me out in a limousine! We spoke for a while about all the above, and it made an impression on me that he was interested in my hardships too not just  telling me  don’t do this and don’t do that…The limo he got was from this company http://www.lilyslimo.com/….GORGEOUS! Awesome service…Super nice chauffeur…It really made the moment special!

I believe that by default, children relate to their dads as a man who  disciplines …Always trying to hide your wrong doings from them and the truth ids the dad is kinda outta breath from all of it..the worry about what is it gonna lead to next…They don’t have time to just stop and enjoy a couple of moments with their kid…Truth is, if you can forget about all the bad stuff for a moment, and actually go enjoy a couple of moments with him…Shot some hoops with him…Take him along when  you play golf….Take him out in a limo..do something that he enjoys…You think my dad gives a flip if he’s riding in a RAV 4 or a stretch Bugatti…

Children need their space for doing wrong…We all go through the trial error process, whether its in business or in school…That’s what makes you successful, makes you realize your weak points, makes you realize whats possible and impossible to do. Now what if i yell at you every time you make a left turn in business by mistake, that you don’t know what your doing..don’t you know its wrong…i tell this you every time..BLAH BLAH BLAH. We all learn better from our mistakes when we KNOW AND FEEL that its a mistake. Kids too would theoretically learn from their mistakes after they experience it…If not for the fact that you give him a yelling that makes him want to do the same thing again to rebel…

Get the point? if not message me on bottom!




Hey guys, Tsup!

I got a friend that is just starting out in law school. This friend told me a story that inspired me and possibly changed my life!!

In law school they seem to start out their first lesson with this story…There was a politician that was accused for murdering a 15 year old girl this politician was very successful and was thinking about running for president. This accusation was obviously gonna ruin his reputation, and a top notch lawyer was desperately needed. He went and hired the best lawyer outta New York city and offered him  a handsome pay.

The parents hired a prosecuting lawyer 22 years old fresh out of law school making the  politician smile knowing that this fresh men has no chance. What they didn’t know is that that it doesn’t only depend on the lawyer as you will see later on…

The day of the court case finally arrived and the politician arrived confident as if hes becoming president next year. The judge walks in and everybody stands up for him. They start the case and they place the witness up. The witness starts testifying that at 12:00 an June 26 he saw this politician kill the girl. The politicians lawyer starts asking her what company watch do you have? She answers Timex! He says how do you know your watch was running on time maybe your of the type that keeps it 5 minutes ahead? When was the last time you changed the battery? All kinds of questions were being asked about the witnesses stupid watch. The politician gets very upset and starts screaming at him. “This is what i pay you for? I hired you to cross examine the witness and your cross examining a stupid Timex watch?!

This case goes on for about a week and the politician  is getting really pissed off. All his lawyer was able to answer him was “Trust me I know what i’m doing”. Well indeed he did! The last day of the trial arrived, the judge gets up and says its time for submission, each party has to submit their final verdict. The young prosecuting lawyer gets up and he says “As the witness says this politician is guilty of killing a 15 year old girl! Cut her life short of a life that she could have lived…..! Now the judge points to the politicians lawyer and he tells him “the whole week you went off on a tangent about the watch i’m not sure what kind of game your playing here but if you don’t submit a final verdict your client is guilty!”

The lawyer gets up and tells everyone “your probably thinking that i’m the worst lawyer ever i don’t care about my client neither do i defend him. The reason why i didn’t defend my client is because hes not guilty! The girl is alive! She ran to Mexico away from her parents! We made contact with her and we flew her back shell be walking in through these doors in exactly one hour!”

The judge, the prosecuting lawyer and everybody else in the crowd were shaken how they almost killed an innocent man! The whole next hour everyone was looking at the door pacing the carpets. An hour came and went and no one walked in, an hour and a half and still no one now the judge really gets upset at the defending lawyer and says if you don’t do submission now i’m sending you to jail to for….

A similar thing happened to these guys  https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/106799941244949683484/106799941244949683484/about or on Facebook click here

The lawyer gets up and says “now i’m ready to do submission! We never made contact with the girl and could very well be that shes dead. However for the last hour and a half, everybody’s eyes were glued to the door expecting her to walk in. The law requires that in order to find someone guilty you have to find him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. All of you for the last hour and a half were expecting the girl to walk in  that means that you are not certain beyond a reasonable doubt that she was killed. MY CLIENT IS NOT GUILTY!”

Everybody in the court room was screaming at the judge “He cant do that! He played us!” The judge gets up and tells the prosecuting lawyer “this man is right we all second thought ourselves and we are not certain beyond a reasonable doubt, you have 5 minutes to find a reason why this man is guilty”. A young girl from the jury speaks up and she says “This man is guilty although we were all uncertain and most of us were looking at the door, but i was looking at the politician he was the only one not looking at the door. He knew that no girl was walking through the door-he knew he killed her!”

I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story by your self…For now all i can say is CRAZY! NO?!

In the next blog i will right about some powerful lessons that we can learn for this story if you have your own thoughts leave a comment under this blog..!



Hey, really excited here with my new blog!! Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time… a very long time. The reason why i have this passion to reach out to young adults growing up orthodox is because I’ve found that no one really understands teens other than teens.

First i first wanna specify the hardships that i’m referring to and then i would like to go through them one by one… Don’t get me wrong i’m not Mr. know it all. However i was alone for a while in my teen years and if i may say i did manage to stay faithful to my religion, actually acknowledging  the fact there was a problem, not just looking at myself and saying that i’m crazy if i have a problem and god probably hates me for it so it must be that i don’t got nothing wrong with me.

Alright lets start naming them. First of all although it feels like there’s so many and the list is endless but it really boils down to a basic few which is GIRLS  MONEY DRUGS….

Girls is the only problem that is not situational… however money alcohol drugs and any other type of trouble is really dependent on family friends and environment….

Girls is a temptation that’s unavoidable no matter how religious you are, I don’t care if your a priest and your of the religion that its prohibited to get married PRIESTS STILL HAVE THE TEMPTATION OF GIRLS-FACT. THEY DON’T GO A DAY IN THEIR LIVES NOT THINKING ABOUT IT!!!! They might care about stature or their connection with god more than the temptation, which is not a bad thing however its definitely a test and a big one!

Now that we all agree that everyone suffers with this how do we deal with fact that religion doesn’t allow sexual relationships prior marriage??

First thing i wanna say is that living a religious life is the most fulfilling accomplishing and satisfactional life anyone can ever live. We all go through those short moments that were caught up in a temptation or we see the life of everyone  else and we start thinking is this worth it. However those moments are short and we all know deep down that its worth living this way. And it shows us how strong we are.

The basic faith gotta ring in your head daily, as simple as THERE IS A GOD!! What always works for me time after time-I think one line in my head which is “A man can build a house but can’t build a world or a universe” that always reminds me that no matter how little sense it makes but there is a god that preceded us and controls everything! Another thought is that the only one  that can make something from nothing is god we invent but that’s just putting together different variations of existing items that were created by god. God on the other hand creates out of nothing preexisting!

All the above just helps you for your tests not to through you out of religion, but how do we make it easier for you??

Truth is there is no one thing that helps everybody, but this is what helped me. I do think part of the reason why it’s so difficult is because, since we cant have sex before marriage and who gets married before 25-30 before they finish school, get a job, and then have money…It seems like forever till you will be able to fulfill that temptation in a legal way,which truly makes it impossible. Well i realized just this and i made up in my mind since i was a teen that i’m getting married young! Well what can i say i’m 21 and married for 7 months!!! Marriage was always in my foreseeable future, not in 20 years….

I just wanna end this blog with  a very inspirational story which may be able to answer some of your questions that are ringing silently in your head..

There was a 20 year old girl that became religious. Her parents were totally unaffiliated… One day she got hit by a limousine and was in very critical condition. Doctors were going to amputate her leg. The girls parents were in the hospital with her and the dad suddenly starts yelling at his daughter all kinds of things such as how is your god going to answer this! If you really believed in him and he loved you he wouldn’t have done this to you and even if he did it too you he would can take care of it with out amputating your leg…. Obviously the dad was not too fond of the girl becoming religious. The girl answered the dad with just a few words but a powerful few words. She told him “a god that you can understand is not a god”.

What she means to say is that you cant expect to believe in god, and understand everything. If you would understand everything, than he isn’t “godly” hes on the same level as you.The definition of a “HIGHER POWER” is a power that’s on a much higher level than you. By definition that would mean that you can’t relate to him and understand everything he does.

If you TRULY believe and than you keep this story in mind although it wont answer your  questions,  you will be happy without answers because its OK not to understand everything. We don’t have to wrack our brains to make everything make sense……

In future blogs i would like to talk about drugs and alcohol and friends stuff… Comment on he bottom or if you wanna reach me….